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Task 1.2.1 Notes on Videos

The following are some notes on the two videos we watched (Did you Know 3.0
21st Century Educational Reality)

Aspects I was not aware of

25% of India’s population with highest IQs is greater than the total USA population
India has more honor kids than US has kids
The top ten jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004
1 out of 8 married couples met on line last year
If MySpace were a country it would be the 5th largest
The #1 broadband internet penetration country is Bermuda and USA is number 19
The first commercial text message was sent in 1992
iPod took only three years to reach a market audience of 50 million, Facebook took two years
A week’s worth of the NY times contains more information than a life time in the 18th century
In 2004 China graduated 600.000 engineers, India 350.000, US 70.000
US best industry is Higher education
US invested 2.6% of its gross domestic product in higher education; Europe 1.2%, Japan 1.1%;
The world’s best 1.00 computer scientists studied in the US

Aspects I firmly believe in

If I’m one in a million in China there are 1.300 people just like me
We are preparing students for jobs that do not even exist with technologies than have not been invented
We are living in exponential times
The amount of new technical information is doubling every two years
The reality is the numbers of graduates from different countries do not address the issue of quality.
India graduates between 35 and 50 PhDs in computers science each year; US 1.000
Poor and minority students score well bellow the US average while affluent students score as well as students in Singapore
Knowledge about the world is no longer a luxury is a necessity
We all have responsibilities to each other
Global citizenship is the new reality

Aspects that are being addressed

The US labor department estimates that today’s learner will have 10 to 14 jobs by age 34
1 in 4 workers has been with their current employer for less than a year
There are over 200 million users on MySpace
31 million searchers on Google every month
Number of text messages sent and received everyday exceeds the population of the planet
The number of Internet devices in 2008 is a billion
Japan has tested a fiber optic cable that pushes 14 trillion bits per second
67 babies are born in the US now while watching the presentation, 274 in China and 395 in India, 694.000 songs were downloaded illegally
US has 8 of the world’s top 10 universities and 68% of the top 50
Aparently US has poor results in primary and secondary tests but the scores do not show the deep regional racial socioeconomic variation in the USA
Aspects that will be
addressed soon
China will become number one English speaking country in the world
4 exabytes of unique information will be generated this year
Interconnectedness brings new markets and levels of prosperity

Aspects that will take longer to be addressed

For students that are now starting a four year technical degree, half of what they learn in the first year will be outdated by the first year of study in the future
By 2013 a supercomputer will exceed the computational capabilities of the human brain
By 2049 a on 1.00 dollar computer will exceed the computational capabilities of human beings
There is a need of an internationally competent workforce.
Teachers must prepare students to be internationally competent.
Education must be organized with a global context in mind so that children do not get behind.

Aspects I can deal with at the moment as a teaching professional

There are about 540.000 words in English
There are parts of the intellect that we are not able to test well: Creativity, curiosity, sense of adventure, ambition
We know how to train people to take exams
Our schools do well at developing critical faculties of the mind
Challenging kids to think, question, evaluate
We fail in reducing disparities and inequalities among students, prepare students for the 21st century global economy

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